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ICI Thermal Imaging Cameras Resolutions

At Infrared Cameras Inc., we offer a variety of resolutions with our cameras. Below are the most common resolutions we use. The resolution of an infrared camera can be compared to a television or computer monitor resolution. The larger the resolution, the more pixels on the screen. The more pixels you have, the finer the detail of the image. Combine a high resolution with our high definition video output and you have high definition thermal imaging® .

160 x 120 ResolutionThe majority of low end hand held models are 160x120 resolution. This is the lowest resolution we offer at ICI. The resolution produces 19,200 pixels and can be used for various inspections, electrical, mechanical, etc. As well as medical, security, etc. The 160x120 resolution is usually a large enough format for the majority of thermal imaging applications.


320 x 240 ResolutionThose interested in finer detail in their images and video will enjoy our 320 x240 resolution imaging cameras. Usually used for research, medical, military, and any application where detail is a must. At this resolution you will get an outstanding 76,800 pixels. Perfect for the thermographer who needs a crisp detailed image.


320 x 256Not all thermal detectors are built the same, and as a result we do have an infrared camera with 320 x 256 resolution. Although not much difference from our 320 x 240 resolution thermal imagers, the 320 x 256 resolution does offer a slightly higher amount of pixels per image, 81,900 pixels to be exact. Providing slightly higher resolution, the 320 x 256 resolution is currently only offered with our Alpha NIR InGaAs Thermal Imaging Camera.


640 x 480 ResolutionWhile there are a few thermal cameras on the market that offer higher resolutions than 640 x 480, the costs is usually 5 to 10x higher than the 640 x 480 cameras currently on the market. The 640 x480 resolution offers the highest level of detail which is sought by researchers, medical, military, process control, flare monitoring, leak detection, etc. For the thermographer who demands the highest detail of their imaging, the 640 x480 resolution packs a fantastic 307,200 Pixels! More than enough for even the most demanding of applications and thermographers.

Examples of ICI's standard resolutions - 160 x120, 320 x240, and 640 x 480

Thermal Image of Electrical Motor - Infrared

A thermal image in 160 x 120 resolution taken with our ToughCam Pro. This is a thermal image of an electrical motor. Please note that our ToughCam series automatically expands the final image to 320 x 240 with software.

160 x 120


Thermal Image of a Dime - Using 7320 MicroscopicA thermal image of a dime. This thermogram was shot with our 320 x 240 resolution ICI 7320 camera with microscopic lens. This is an image of a US dime up very close.


320 x 240




640 x 480

640 x 480

This image was taken by military researchers using our ICI 7640 camera. The actual dimensions of the image are slightly off to fit the web page. Researchers will be using infrared cameras in the near future to help prevent loss of life in combat zones by spotting potential unexploded devices before anyone can be injured. With correction to level and span this image can be made even clearer with more detail. In comparison to a 720 x 480 resolution camera currently on the market, our 7640 is roughly 10% of the total cost of the 720 x 480 cooled thermal imaging camera.


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