Aerial / UAV Applications in the Agricultural Field

Whether you own, or are looking to own, a small unmanned DJI Phantom, 3D Robotics Electric UAV, Sentera or Aggie Air fixed wing, manned Cessna, Piper, or Jet, we at Infrared Cameras Inc. have a solution.  We design and manufacture radiometric/quantitative cameras that measure temperature at every pixel on the image. This can lead to creating large, fully radiometric, geo-rectified mosaics of crops. This provides farmers, botanists, and any agriculturalist a better insight on what’s really going on behind the scenes of things that we cannot see with the naked eye.

One of ICI’s many goals is helping farmers increase their yield with the help of our thermal infrared cameras and software.  With the right equipment, farmers will have the ability to surplus their yield per acre and increase revenue just by identifying areas that can be improved upon.  Farmers can use thermographic images to look for under-watered or over-watered crops, lack of fertilization, bug infestations, overall crop health, signs of detrimental pests such as feral hogs, or even to inspect tile systems that deliver precious water to the plants that our farmers grow. Utilizing our hardware and software can help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

As light weight UAV’s continue to gain FAA 333 clearance and their commercial use continues to grow, aerial infrared imaging and thermography will become a popular tool for anyone in agricultural hoping to increase their yield and efficiency.  We at Infrared Cameras Inc. intend to continually provide the smallest, lightest, and most sensitive Infrared cameras of various wavelengths and software solutions that will give the highest quality results needed for your Aerial / UAV needs.

These are just a few applications that have been discovered recently using long wave infrared / thermal cameras. Who knows what future applications may evolve using these various platforms!


Aerial / UAV Products

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    • mkelley says:

      Not a problem; we’d love the opportunity to talk with you about the uses of agricultural IR. We’ll have our Domestic Sales Manager, Joe Strahan, contact you personally via email this afternoon for an in depth conversation.

      Thank you for your interest in ICI!

    • We actually have thermal camera setups that attach to Phantom drones. I’ll have our Domestic Sales Manager, Joe Strahan, contact you personally via email this afternoon with more details.

      Thank you for your interest in ICI!

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