• Infrared Cameras Inc., leader in innovative design and manufacture of thermal infrared cameras, imagers, and software. We are IR!
  • Many thermal infrared cameras are making their way into the industrial field.
  • Thermal infrared technology has evolved the field of veterinarian medicine.
  • Thermal infrared cameras are now a common tool used when in and around electronics.
  • Aerial mounted thermal cameras are now more affordable than ever.
  • Thermal infrared cameras and software have made a profound impact in the medical field.
  • Infrared cameras are detrimental to search and rescue teams around the globe.
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Infrared Cameras Inc. Leader in Thermal Infrared Cameras / Imagers, Software and Systems

We are IR!

Your Infrared and Thermal Camera Specialists

Infrared Cameras Inc. is proud to present our development of thermal cameras as well as multi-spectral infrared cameras and complete package systems for a broad spectrum of industries.

Whether it is for medical use, precision agriculture, industrial use, electrical use, or process control our goal is to competitively supply the needs of our customers with top of the line infrared imagers.

We manufacture NIR, MWIR, SWIR, LWIR cameras and much more. We strive to provide great customer service as well as accurate, affordable infrared cameras with efficacy and professionalism. At ICI we know thermography and supply some the most reputable companies in the world with our thermal imagers. We will do our absolute best to supply a solution for all your infrared needs in imaging of any spectrum of infrared light.

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9640 P-Series

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SWIR 640

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