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ICI's 7320 named "Product of the Month" by NASA
7320 -NASA's product of the month

A recent independent study by NASA Photonics Tech Briefs magazine awards ICI's 7320 as product of the month! Volume 33 No. 2, February 2009 edition of NASA Tech briefs on page 60.NASA LOGO

View the entire article here.

ICI 7320 NASA AwardICI 7320 wins Reader Choice Award!

Infrared Cameras' ICI 7320 Infrared Camera has won a 2009 Photonics Tech Briefs Readers' Choice Product of the Year Award. All 8 Products of the Month from last year were placed on a ballot on the Photonics Tech Briefs Web site, and over 107,000+ readers were invited to cast their votes for the product they thought was the most significant new product introduced to the engineering community in 2009.

Infrared Cameras and Thermal Imaging Solutions

Gary Strahan Founder of Infrared Cameras Inc. was interviewed live on CNN Monday morning(August 4, 2014) to discuss his company’s thermal imaging cameras and software used to scan and detect if someone has a fever. The technology may limit a potentially infected person from spreading a viral infection, like Ebola, globally. Early symptoms of the Ebola virus include sudden onset of fever. You can view the full interview here. Learn more about: ICI Fever Detection System here.

Infrared Cameras Inc. is a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging and infrared camera systems. We design, manufacture, and sell flir (forward looking infrared cameras) thermal imaging cameras. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality thermal imaging solutions that meet and exceed the needs of their particular application. Through consistent and ongoing research ICI is achieving increasing recognition for their ingenuity and creative solutions to the challenges of non-contact temperature measurement. ICI's ongoing commitment to its customers has also made it an industry leading provider of certification training for all thermal imaging applications. Call Infrared Cameras Inc. to speak with a representative about our complete line of infrared cameras, infrared applications, thermography training and thermal imaging solutions.

Infrared Cameras Meets Consumer Electronics

Infrared Cameras Inc.'s very own Gary Strahan, was a speaker at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) - “ThermoSense: Thermal Infrared Applications” conference, which included other presentations on explosives detection and non-destructive imaging. Mr. Strahan touched on how Infrared Cameras can be a potentially life-saving medical tool and can help with Pain, Diabetes, and Breast Cancer.

You can view the full article here.

ICI 7320 and 7640 BroadBand IR Cameras.

Infrared Cameras Inc. is proud to announce that the ICI 7320 and ICI 7640 are transmissive in the 2.6 to 25 um spectral band. Most microbolometers cameras are sensitive only in the 7.5 um to 14 um spectral band. This makes these systems excellent for some scientific applications. There is a physical break in earth’s atmosphere between approximately 5.5 um and 7 um where transmission is blocked by moisture as well as several other elements in the earth’s atmosphere and transmission is almost non-existent past 14 um for the same reason.

Most of today’s low cost LW microbolometer based IR cameras cannot "see" through glass of any thickness. The images above show the internals and filament of a light bulb.


FDA 510k Cleared Medical Infrared Cameras

FDA Cleared Medical Thermal Imaging CamerasInfrared Cameras Inc., is proud to offer thermal imaging cameras that meet or exceed the needs for all medical thermal imaging infrared applications.

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThis year over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and over 40,000 women will die. Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging can detect certain cancers 10 years before a mammogram with a 90% accuracy and without the discomfort, errors, and radiation associated with mammography .

Perfect for airports, our medical thermal imaging infrared cameras are two to three times more sensitive than the normal surveillance camera.

"Our results demonstrated that fever screening at airports is an effective means of identifying imported dengue (Fever) cases, whereas the health statements of inbound passengers, which have been required for years, are ineffective. Although fever screening with infrared temperature screening was implemented in an attempt to avoid SARS transmission, it proved to be effective in active surveillance of dengue."

Center for Disease Control

"In conclusion, we have shown that a modernized DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging - commonly known as Medical Infrared Imaging) system can be a useful adjunctive test in detecting breast cancer with 97% sensitivity in this prospective clinical trial of 92 patients.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons

FDA 510k Medical Device Clearance Thermal Imaging Camera - ITAR export restrictions

FDA 510K Medical Device Clearance
Learn more about Medical Thermal Imaging
View all Medical Thermal Imaging Cameras

New Thermal Imaging Cameras & Products

ICI 9320 Fix Mounted IR CameraICI 9320 Professional
ICI would like to introduce our new ICI 9320 . The 9320 P-Series infrared camera offers unmatched image sensitivity and accuracy in a 320 x 240 radiometric imager. With less than 2 cubic inches in overall dimension the 9320 fits in the tightest of areas.

ICI 9320 Fix Mounted IR CameraICI 9640 Professional
ICI would like to introduce our new ICI 9640 . The 9640 P-Series infrared camera offers unmatched image sensitivity and accuracy in a 640 x 480 radiometric imager. The ICI 9640 operates on less than 1 watt of power, via a USB 2.0 connection, providing real time radiometric data streamed directly to any desktop, laptop, tablet or embedded system.

FM320 Professional Thermal Imaging Infrared CameraFM320 Professional
ICI would like to introduce our FM320 P . The FM320 Professional is an uncooled thermal imaging camera system, which features ultra-high resolution in 384x288 pixels.

Duracam 384 Professional Thermal Imaging Infrared CameraDuraCam 384 Professional
ICI would like to introduce our new Duracam 384 . The new DuraCam 384 Professional is an uncooled thermal imaging camera system, which features ultra-high resolution in 384x288 pixels. The new DuraCam 384 P features a rotating lens and LCD screen with intelligent measurement functions.

Arc Protection Ports
Arc Protection Port for Thermal Imaging CameraICI would like to introduce our Arc Protection Ports. These ports are infrared viewing windows used to assist with your electrical inspection needs. Our new windows provide a very simple and useful function: inspect electrical equipment under load without opening a panel! The result is a safer inspection, less time and money spent for the inspection and confidence in equipment.

ICI Centurion P-series Thermal Infrared Camera
Centurion Thermal Infrared ImagerThe ICI Centurion infrared camera is a small, extremely sensitive infrared camera and the newest addition to the line of innovative infrared camera systems available from Infrared Cameras Inc. The Centurion measures temperature and is the lowest cost radiometric 320 x 240 infrared imager available on the market!

ETIP Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

ETIP Medical Imaging Infrared Camera
Our latest camera, the ETI P-Series thermal infrared imaging camera has just received 510k Market Clearance from the FDA. The ICI Series P and S Infrared Cameras, which provide capture of skin surface temperature of any part of the body, and the IR Flash Software version 1.0, which provides visualization and reporting functionality, are intended for use as an adjunct to other clinical diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis, quantifying, and screening of relative skin surface temperature.

The New FX 160 Firefighter Infrared CameraICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera
The ICI FX-160 is a rugged, portable, thermal infrared camera; built to withstand extreme environments with a rating of IP 67. It has a drop test rating of 5.9 feet. Its one handed operation makes it simple & easy to use. The large 3.5” LCD display produces an exceptional image.

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ICI Feedback

"I have used your product as a researcher … your camera can do things that no other means can even approach in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, ease, adaptability and facility of use.”

Wayne E. Moore, Ph. D
Applied Sciences, LLC

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Thermal Imaging FAQs
What is Infrared?

Thermal Imaging can be commonly referred to as infrared imaging, ir, flir (forward looking infrared), infrared, and thermography. Every object gives off thermal - infrared radiation. This energy can be viewed with an infrared camera. Infrared (IR) radiation is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than that of visible light (400-700 nm), but shorter than that of terahertz radiation (100 µm - 1mm) and microwaves (~30,000 µm).

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Infrared Cameras Inc. Is A Better Business Bureau Accredited Company.

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