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About Infrared Cameras Inc. Staff Leaders in Thermal ImagersAbout Infrared Cameras Inc. Staff Leaders in Thermal Imagers

Our Staff

ICI's reputation is directly attributable to the high quality of its employees. Our staff embody the company's values: excellence, integrity, and dedication. The men and women of ICI work in an environment that stimulates creativity, learning, growth, and contributions. This kind of environment can only exist in a place where race, gender, and other such characteristics do not define talent. Instead, we focus on the qualities that really matter—knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Gary Strahan

Jennifer LeBlanc
Office Manager

David Strahan
Int'l Sales Manager

Joe Strahan
Domestic Sales Manager

Gary Forister
Sr. Design Engineer

Abhishek (AB) Madaan
Sr. Software Engineer

Robert Pulumbarit
Software Engineer

Taylor Forister
Lead Lab Technician

James Rougeau
Web Admin

Chelsea Willis
Graphic/Web Developer

Rob Filion
Lab Technician

Rick Harper
Lab Tecnician

Merissa Kelley
Web Developer

Yang Yuchen "Bessy"
Int'l Office Manager

Daria Hollyfield
Accounts Payable