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Sensor Control Module

  • Formerly IR UAV CPU Module
  • It provides remote management of the ICI 9320, 9640, SWIR320, SWIR640, Visible and NIR cameras.
  • Manages image storage and data transfer for the images needed to create very highly detailed mosaics, offering exact temperature data for analysis.
  • This unit was designed to provide detailed data in the field of Precision Agriculture and many other applications.
Features Features
  • Arm Processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • Linux Operating System
  • HDMI Video Out
  • Remote Triggers
  • Heat Resistant Enclosure
  • Small Size
  • Light Weight
  • Low Power
Specifications Specifications
  • 1GHz i.MX6 Dual core ARM A9
  • 2 watts Power Consumption
  • -20°C to 60°C Oper. Range
  • Aluminum Case
  • GPS from DJI NAZA and A2
  • 95 mm x 60 mm x 28 mm
Options/Accessories Options/Accessories
  • 9320/9640 IR Cameras
  • ICI SWIR P USB Camera
  • Visible or NIR Camera
  • GPS Module
  • 5VDC UBEC Power Adapter
  • Image Capture Trigger
  • Camera Selection Trigger
Applications Applications
  • UAV/UAS Integration
  • Robotics
  • Search & Rescue
  • Building/Roof Inspections
  • Archeologic Mapping
  • Industrial Inspection Systems
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Alternative Energy Inspections
Product Literature Product Literature
  • Sensor Control Module Cut-Sheet
  • Sensor Control Module Interface Options
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