Mirage Research & Development | Calibrated Thermal Camera with Temperature Measurement

  • Featuring the latest technological advancements, the Mirage Research & Development | Thermal Infrared Camera is capable of delivering the optimum solution for a wide variety of infrared applications.
  • This camera is capable of collecting Radiometric Temperature Data, and produces superb thermal images using its 640 x 512 InSb array.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows for intuitive operation, and has low power consumption, less than 8 watts.
  • Weighing in at <765Grams without a lens, it is compact and portable, enabling users to quickly pinpoint temperatures of
    -55°C to 120°C to give superb vision.
  • Includes IR Flash Software, and integrates with ICI’s UAV Sensor Control Module.

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  • Unmatched Image Resolution
  • Collect Radiometric Temperature Data
  • Integrates with the Sensor Control Module
  • Low Power (<8 Watts)
  • Compact / Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Detector Array: Cooled MWIR InSb
  • Pixel Pitch: 15µm
  • Pixel Resolution: 640 x 512
  • Spectral Band: 1.5µm – 5.1µm
  • NETD Sensitivity: <.012°C at 30°C (12mk)
  • Frame Rate: 30Hz
  • Dynamic Range: 14 bit
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 350°C
  • Operation Range: -40°C to 80°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • Pixel Operability: >99%
  • 20G Shock / 5.8G Vibration
  • Dimensions: 127 mm x 51 mm x 74 mm – without lens
    (LxWxH +/- .5mm)
  • Weight: <765 Grams – without lens
  • Video: NTSC or PAL analog video
  • Humidity: non-condensing b/t 5%-95%
  • 20G Shock / 5.8G Vibration
  • Power: 12V (Cooling Engine)
  • USB 2.0 for Electronics Power & Data
  • Shutterless
  • Aluminum Enclosure

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