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Thermal Building Inspections

Thermal building inspections are rapidly becoming the norm for business and residential constructions alike. Currently, buildings in the United States represent up to 71% of electrical consumption and generate over 39% of the nation’s carbon emissions. With the proper infrared tools and training, building inspectors can eliminate energy loss and help to prevent problems from escalating into costly repairs.

Infrared inspections can help reduce/eliminate:

  • High Energy Bills – often high utility bills can be traced to air leaks, inefficient windows, missing insulation, inefficient cooling/heating equipment, and/or poorly insulated ducts.
  • Mold & Mildew – High humidity and water damage can lead to mold and/or mildew resulting in wood rot, various structure damage, and health problems.
  • Dust – Poorly sealed duct work can result in high levels of dust.
  • Cold or Hot Rooms – differences in temperature from room to room can signify inadequate insulation, air leaks, and/or poor duct insulation.
  • Medical Costs – high indoor allergens, dust, mold, mildew, and pests can lead to health problems. Locating the sources of these occurrences can decrease health costs and can increase productivity.
  • Economy – Energy efficient buildings reduce our reliance on foreign natural gas and other fuels, while saving money and promoting local economic growth.

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