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We are IR!

Your Infrared & Thermal Camera Specialists


We are IR!

Your Infrared & Thermal Camera Specialists

Infrared Cameras Inc. is proud to present our development of thermal cameras as well as multi-spectral infrared cameras and complete package systems for a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it is for medical thermography, precision agriculture (thermal cameras for drones), industrial thermography, electrical thermography, or process control our goal is to competitively supply the needs of our customers with top of the line infrared cameras. We manufacture NIR, MWIR, SWIR, LWIR cameras and much more. We strive to provide great customer service as well as accurate, affordable infrared cameras with efficacy and professionalism. We do our best to provide our customers with the best, most knowledgeable service after the sale. We are working hard to develop unprecedented technology for our customers. At ICI we know thermography and supply some the most reputable universities and companies in the world with our thermal cameras. We specialize in providing the best aerial imaging, medical imaging, and thermal imaging for industrial use. Professional thermographers utilize our small, lightweight, durable, and accurate cameras. Our cameras are commonly used for cancer research, crop inspections, electrical inspections, veterinary research, industrial process management, population disease screening and much more. We also have some of the most experience in the field of thermal cameras and provide what we believe to be the best ASNT thermography training available. Personal attention is paid to each student to ensure that they are getting the most out of their infrared camera. We will do our absolute best to supply a solution for all your infrared needs in imaging of any spectrum of infrared light.

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Halo Thermal Aerial UAV System detects fugitive emissions

ICI’s Latest in Fugitive Gas Emission Detection – Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System

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Federal Aviation Administration updates drone regulations

New Drone Regulations: Top 5 Q&A to Keep Money in Your Pocket

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Insulation of Living Room North

Using Infrared Camera Technology to Detect Insulation Voids

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  • infrared image of Washington Monument DC captured with IR Pad 640 P-Series
    Washington Monument DC
  • thermal image of Pike Place Market
    Pike Place Market
  • infrared image of Lincoln Memorial in DC taken with IR Pad 640 P-Series
    Lincoln Memorial
  • infrared image of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • infrared image of Oak Alley
    Oak Alley, Louisiana
  • infrared image of Interstate 5, Ship Canal Bridge
    Ship Canal Bridge
  • infrared image of Seattle skyline
    Seattle Skyline
  • thermal image of the Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon
  • infrared image of Holy Names Academy
    Holy Names Academy