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Keeping you up to date on on all things IR including our latest infrared news, images, and recent happenings in the world of thermography.

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Halo Thermal Aerial UAV System detects fugitive emissions
ICI’s Latest in Fugitive Gas Emission Detection – Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System November 11, 2016

Leading Supplier of UAV Thermal Cameras Here at Infrared Cameras Inc, we proudly supply a number of UAV thermal cameras that are perfect for your individual needs, including ones that are specifically situated for agriculture, building and roof inspections, and even high voltage power lines.  These cameras are small, lightweight,… Read more

Mirage HC Optical Gas Imaging Camera and Sensor Control Module are the next solution to aerial gas leak imaging
Aerial Fugitive Emission Inspection of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) October 17, 2016

Why Keep Tabs on Fugitive Emission Inspection? Many industrial complexes use organic gases as part of their work and in some instances are even created as a byproduct.  Therefore, the ability to detect any leaks of these gases are a major priority for the safety of the environment, employees, and… Read more

Level 1 Thermography Training Class Sept 19-22
Congratulations Level 1 Thermographers! September 23, 2016

Level 1 Thermography Trainees Pass Certification Course Congratulations goes out to all the trainees of the September 19th – 22nd Level I Thermography Training Class for completing the course with flying colors.  Each individual attended our 4-day course at our training facility in Beaumont, Texas and then completed a final… Read more

ired UK distribution of ICI USB / UAV Thermal Infrared Camera
iRed Announces UK Distribution for ICI 9000 Series UAV Thermal Imaging Camera September 22, 2016

Our 9640 P-Series | USB / UAV Thermal Infrared Camera has now been released for marketing in the UK by our distribution partner iRed.  We would like to thank them for their continued use of our products in the solar market and for the creation of this press release.  For… Read more

Submit Your Infrared Images and Videos
Submit Your Infrared Images or Videos and Get Featured! September 15, 2016

Thermal Infrared Image & Video Submissions Got an interesting shot? Now you can submit your captured ICI infrared camera images and videos for a chance to be featured on the front home page of our website, as well as shared across our social networking platforms.  Be sure to give your… Read more

infrared thermography training
Level I Thermography Training Classes – September 19th-22nd September 1, 2016

Level I Thermography Training Classes are still open for registration! Don’t miss the deadline for registration! Sign up for our upcoming Infrared Thermography Level I classroom and field training. Training will take place at our facility in Beaumont, Texas on September 19th – 22nd. In this 4 day course you… Read more

Federal Aviation Administration updates drone regulations
New Drone Regulations: Top 5 Q&A to Keep Money in Your Pocket February 15, 2016

New drone regulations can lead to some serious fines if they’re not followed. If you’re reading this, you more than likely own a drone, know someone who owns one, or are in the market to buy one yourself.  And just in case you haven’t heard, there have been some recent developments that have been… Read more

ICI new Infrared Store - Buy Directly from our Site
The New Infrared Store / Winter Break Sale February 10, 2016

We are proud to announce our new “Buy It Now” function that allows us to start selling select handheld infrared cameras directly on our site! You now have the ability to buy a brand new ToughCam P-Series, T-Cam 160 P-Series, T-Cam 80 P-Series, or T-Cam 32 S-Series infrared camera without having to… Read more

Infrared Training
Level I Thermography Training Takes Place Jan 25th – 28th January 22, 2016

Ready for training? Infrared Cameras Inc. and Infrared Training Institute are happy to be a part of your journey through the knowledge of infrared and hope to make this experience a fulfilling one.  The first day of January’s Level 1 Thermography Training is coming up this Monday, the 25th.  Your instructor, CEO… Read more

Insulation of Living Room North
Using Infrared Camera Technology to Detect Insulation Voids December 4, 2015

The modern homeowner has more reasons than ever to desire a well-insulated house. First, there is the question of comfort; a well-insulated home, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, provides a much more pleasant living space than a drafty house that is impossible to heat or air-condition.… Read more

Dark areas indicate moisture.
Mold Detection Using Infrared Cameras December 4, 2015

For the people who lived in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the word mold has taken on a very important meaning in their lives. After returning to the damaged homes, many homeowners began the repair process. While many repairs were done correctly, there are also many… Read more

infrared detection of roof leak
The Use of Infrared Cameras in Detecting Roof Leaks December 4, 2015

The use of infrared cameras in detecting roof leaks has empowered the roofing industry. Before the use of infrared, roofing professionals had to go to great lengths to detect leaks caused by moisture build-up or mold, especially in the easy to build but hard to maintain flat roofs that have… Read more

Benefits of Infrared Imaging in Building Inspection
The Benefits of Infrared Imaging in Building Inspection December 3, 2015

There are many reasons why building inspections are conducted. Governmental agencies use building inspections to check compliance with building plans and with local codes and ordinances. Building inspections are a routine part of buying and selling homes, helping prospective sellers identify problems they are legally responsible for and helping buyers… Read more

Concrete and Asphalt Bridge Deck Delamination
Concrete and Asphalt Bridge Deck Delamination – Gary Strahan, CEO Infrared Cameras Inc. November 16, 2015

The nation’s deteriorating highway infrastructure requires new computerized Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) test methods, which provide analytical data to establish maintenance demands. Applying new non-destructive tools, specifically designed to quantify the extent and number of defects in the infrastructure, will allow maintenance priority assessment and provide the knowledge necessary to establish… Read more

Aerial infrared uses in agriculture
Aerial / UAV Applications in the Agricultural Field October 30, 2015

Whether you own, or are looking to own, a small unmanned DJI Phantom, 3D Robotics Electric UAV, Sentera or Aggie Air fixed wing, manned Cessna, Piper, or Jet, we at Infrared Cameras Inc. have a solution.  We design and manufacture radiometric/quantitative cameras that measure temperature at every pixel on the image. This… Read more

Long Distance Infrared – The New 100mm Lens October 8, 2015

Infrared Cameras Inc. has done it again.  We have built a lens that, coupled with the IR-Pad 640 P-Series, will take amazing thermal infrared photos even at 70 yards!  Now, those hard-to-reach, dangerous places that are difficult to see, let alone take an infrared image of, will be within arm’s length thanks… Read more

Beaumont Tech Company Helping in Ebola Fight – Beaumont Enterprise September 17, 2015

Below is the Beaumont Enterprise report by Manuella Libardi.  All photos are courtesy of Jake Daniels.  You can also view the story on BeaumontEnterprise.com  Beaumont tech company helping in Ebola fight By Manuella Libardi – MLibardi@BeaumontEnterprise.com – TWITTER.COM/MANUELLALIBARDI Published 9:45 am, Wednesday, August 6, 2014 A Beaumont company manufactures a device it is using… Read more

Beaumont Company Fights Ebola – KBMT 12 News September 17, 2015

Infrared Cameras Inc. is one of only two American businesses that can sell infrared cameras overseas to fight against the deadly Ebola disease, they could have screened Thomas Duncan before he left Liberia. The FDA has approved Infrared Cameras Inc., a Beaumont-based company, to sell its devices overseas. Below is the… Read more

Gary Strahan CNN - Infrared Cameras and Ebola
Can a Camera Help Detect Ebola? – CNN Interview July 24, 2015

Infrared cameras and software can help detect sick people based on body temperature. Gary Strahan, Founder of Infrared Cameras Inc., on CNN (August 4, 2014) discussing how ICI’s thermal imaging cameras and technological software may be used to limit a potentially infected person from spreading a viral infection, like Ebola,… Read more