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ICI’s Latest in Fugitive Gas Emission Detection – Halo | Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV System

Halo Thermal Aerial UAV System detects fugitive emissions

Leading Supplier of UAV Thermal Cameras Here at Infrared Cameras Inc, we proudly supply a number of UAV thermal cameras that are perfect for your individual needs, including ones that are specifically situated for agriculture, building and roof inspections, and even high voltage power lines.  These cameras are small, lightweight, and extremely convenient when compared …

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Mold Detection Using Infrared Cameras

Dark areas indicate moisture.

For the people who lived in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the word mold has taken on a very important meaning in their lives. After returning to the damaged homes, many homeowners began the repair process. While many repairs were done correctly, there are also many repairs that were done quickly, …

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Concrete and Asphalt Bridge Deck Delamination – Gary Strahan, CEO Infrared Cameras Inc.

Concrete and Asphalt Bridge Deck Delamination

The nation’s deteriorating highway infrastructure requires new computerized Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) test methods, which provide analytical data to establish maintenance demands. Applying new non-destructive tools, specifically designed to quantify the extent and number of defects in the infrastructure, will allow maintenance priority assessment and provide the knowledge necessary to establish resource-planning parameters for maintenance scheduling.

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